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What happens at your business when you aren't there? We'll find out and let you know. Developed especially for the franchise model, a consultant will temporarily join your business as a low- or mid-ranking employee and tell you what they see from the inside. Think of the CBS show Undercover Boss without cameras, gifts, and taking the boss out of town. Covert Clerk can be used to uncover issues including theft, operational inefficiencies, service issues, and more. We'll help you roll out changes and make sure they work from the inside.

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Other Services


Leadership means many things and we can help with them all, including selection, coaching, and consulting. Need to find the right leader for your organization or business unit? Need help branding yourself as a leader? Need to brainstorm with a confidential party that will help you make the right decisions? Employmetrics can help with all of these leadership topics and more.

Employee Engagement

Engaging your employees - and then keeping them engaged - can be the difference between a successful organization and a failing one. We will analyze your existing employee engagement level, work with you to conceptualize the goals for your engagement program and implement it, and then continually work with you to optimize the program as things change.

Beyond Engagement

Employmetrics goes beyond employee engagement. Our leadership assessments provide important insights. Our onboarding assessments help you make the most of new employees. Our exit assessments uncover reasons behind turnover. These tools help your organization thrive.

Change Management

Changes can be difficult. We'll make them easier. Employmetrics offers change management services including rebranding, realignment, policy deployment, and literally everything else. If you already know what changes need to be made, we'll help you make them. If you're not sure, we'll help you figure it out.

Culture Assessments & Engineering

Your organizational culture determines how people view your company inside and out. Without this information, it is difficult to grow. We'll help you obtain this crucial data and guide you on engineering your organizational culture to align with your goals and objectives.

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Team Engineering

Adding to your team? We go beyond just recruiting. We will figure out the type of person your team needs based on the strengths and opportunities for optimization of your existing team. We can narrow your search from your current list of potential employees or do the sourcing for you.

Customer Experience Management

Your customers keep your organization in business. We will help you manage the customer experience to make sure their needs are met and they are experiencing your brand they way you intended.

Succession Planning

What happens if your CEO leaves? How about if half of your employees are about to retire? We'll help design a plan to keep your organization running when these changes occur. 

HR Shared Services

If your small business is growing, you need an HR team! HR Shared Services provides an HR team during the transition period before your organization requires its own internal HR department.

Employmetrics primarily uses virtual technologies to keep costs down, resulting in better prices for our clients compared to that of our competitors. We also offer traditional methodologies for clients who prefer them. Select the icon to start the custom RFP process!

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