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We are approached every single day by vendors who want access to our elite list of clients. We don't sell our contact lists. But if we really, really, really, like a vendor, product, or solution, we will sign a partnership deal with them. We still aren't salespeople and never have a quota to reach, but if we're discussing something with a client and one of our partners would be a good fit, we will tell our client about that partner vendor. We have nothing to do with the client's resulting contract with that vendor. However, you can be sure that if we recommend a partner vendor, they have been vetted, they are the best in their vertical, and we will happily work with them to support you.
If you are a vendor interested in partnering with Employmetrics™, these are the requirements:
  • Vendor's CRM software must support custom referral links. We are no longer supporting embedded contact forms; all new vendor partners must provide a direct referral link for interested parties.
  • Vendors must provide unrestricted access to a demo account with dummy data for our vetting process AND for mini client demos. We will not recommend platforms that we have not used and fully vetted.
  • Vendors must instruct their sales team to not be pushy with potential clients referred by Employmetrics™. If your sales team acts like car sales people, it's not a fit. 
If you meet the requirements and want to begin the partnership process, send an email to Trav and/or JC with the following:
  • Vendor's custom referral link for Employmetrics™ OR CRM account login credentials for us to create one.
  • Information on how to submit referrals that do not use the link (e.g. via referral portal).
  • Link and login credentials for the demo account with dummy data for our vetting process.
  • High-resolution logo in PNG format.
  • High-resolution logo in vector format.
  • Graphic that states that Employmetrics™ is an authorized partner, or whatever phrasing you use (examples below).
  • PDF overview of your platform/product/service.
  • Description blurb.
    • See current vendor partners for blurb examples and formatting.​
15 Five Partner Graphic
BambooHR Partner Graphic


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