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Employmetrics is a global organization with employees in multiple countries all with various data and privacy laws. To reduce liability, we have decided to neither participate in employer verification programs (e.g., The Work Number) nor verify employment details ourselves.

Employmetrics is a boutique firm. If someone says they work here, they probably do. However, we are opposed to employment verification itself. If you're interested in hiring someone, you should be interested because of the skills they have already demonstrated, not because of their official work record. Employ based on character, not résumé content. We only employ awesome people with bright minds and amazing abilities so if one of our geniuses has applied for a job with your organization, consider yourself very lucky. Stop wasting their time verifying quantitative information when at least half of the reason you want to hire them is qualitative anyway. We understand we can't stop you, but will not allow you to waste our precious time on such a trite task.

Still not satisfied? You may email our People department and ask the following, without deviation, "Does FIRST LAST currently work at Employmetrics?". You will receive a "Yes" or "No" answer; nothing more, nothing less. If you modify the allowed question or ask additional questions, your email will be ignored.

Thank you for understanding.

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