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We are not like other consultancies. We do not do advertising or marketing.

We have a rather unique model of exclusivity at Employmetrics. Questions come up often enough that it was time to add a section to our website to cover this topic. 
We do not pay for placement in articles, "best of" guides, awards, or to be conference sponsors. If we sponsor a conference or appear in an article, it is because we opted to work together with that authoring organization or conference developer; never because we paid for it.

We work with clients of all sizes. Whether your organization is a behemoth, multinational market leader, a medium business growing day by day, or a brand new startup barely beyond the idea phase, we will work with you to create smart solutions that scale. However, we are unable to accept every client. We will only work with organizations that are willing to change and with stakeholders who will truly let us in. All the way in. We can't be data-driven if clients only let us see some of the data. We also only work with organizations that understand that their people are their biggest asset and that the principles of psychology are the most effective tools to produce meaningful change.
So how do we determine if a potential client fits the bill? We require a referral code. The code changes often so knowing the code today does not mean the code will work next week so only obtain a code when you are ready to act. There are 2 ways to obtain a referral code. The easiest way is to know one of our partners, consultants, project managers, existing clients, or partner vendors. Anyone with an existing relationship with us has access to the current code. If you don't know anyone with an existing relationship, you'll have to do a bit of work to connect with someone who does. You could DM us on Instagram, follow us on LinkedIn and comment on a post, ask during a webinar/workshop/conference, figure out Jorge's email and send him a nice note, reach out to one of our existing or alumni clients, or ask one of our partner vendors. It's really that simple, but this immediately weeds out clients who are just shopping around for the lowest price or will otherwise waste our time. The result is more meaningful collaborations and access to an elite, exclusive group of clients and partner vendors.

The project size doesn't matter; the impact and intent of the work do. As long as you're ready to make this a great relationship, we can't wait for our first Zoom date!

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