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Engagement & Experience

Engaging your employees - and keeping them engaged - can be the difference between a thriving organization and a failing one. We help to conceptualize goals for your employee experience, analyze the current engagement status, strategize improvements, prioritize immediate changes, and optimize the strategy as things change.

Org Health & Culture Assessments

Your organizational culture determines how people view your company inside and out, and your culture has a huge impact on your organizational health. Without this information, it is difficult to grow. We'll help you obtain this crucial data and design your organizational culture to align with your goals and objectives, in turn improving organizational health.

Compensation Management

No matter how great your employee experience is, your people still want to be paid appropriately. Compensation can be a difficult, tedious, and aggravating process if you try to handle it yourself. We can help! We use traditional market data and our proprietary job architecture to create a custom compensation strategy for your organization that makes compensation management easy.

Change Management

Changes can be difficult. We'll make them easier. Employmetrics offers change management services including rebranding, realignment, policy deployment, and literally everything else. If you already know what changes need to be made, we'll help you make them. If you're not sure, we'll help you figure it out.


Leadership means many things and we can help with them all, including selection, coaching, and consulting. Need to find the right leader for your organization or business unit? Need to brainstorm with a confidential party that will help you make the right decisions? Employmetrics can help with all of these leadership topics and more.

Vendor Implementation

​Use Employmetrics as your implementation partner for your existing HRIS, LMS, ATS, and employee experience vendors. We work with many popular vendors. If we don't already support your preferred vendor, we will happily work with your organization to add support for that vendor or move your program to an existing partner.

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Org Design & Job Architecture

We can help with all aspects of org design and (job) architecture. With our roots in people analytics, we will make sure things make sense up front and, more importantly, behind the scenes. Job leveling, career pathing, pivotal roles, compensation strategy, org structure, spans and layers, and more come together to form your Org Design & Architecture.

Strategic Workforce Planning

What happens if your CEO suddenly leaves? How about if half of your employees are about to retire? Perhaps there's old school code with fewer employees to support it each year. We'll help plan to keep your organization running when these changes occur - before they occur! We'll help you prevent disasters.

Team Engineering

Adding to your team? We go beyond basic workforce planning. We will figure out the type of person your team needs based on the strengths and gaps of your existing team. We can narrow your search from your current list of potential employees or do the sourcing for you. Through our partnership with BestWork DATA, we can provide a proven assessment to ensure candidates will meet your expectations.

Employer Brand

Your brand as an employer determines the type of candidate you are able to reach. We will help you manage your employer brand to make sure they are experiencing your brand they way you intended and, in turn, you are able to reach the right candidates. 

Covert Clerk™

What happens at your business when you aren't there? We'll find out and let you know. Developed especially for the franchise model, a project consultant will covertly join your business and tell you what they see. Covert Clerk™ can uncover hidden issues. We'll then help you roll out changes and ensure they work... from the inside.

HR Shared Services

If your small business is growing, you need an HR team! Employmetrics' HR Shared Services provides your staff with an HR team before your organization requires its own HR department. We consult on all HR topics and provide a wide range of services like those typically handled by HR Generalists and HR Business Partners. On site, remote, or both!

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Employmetrics primarily uses virtual technologies to keep costs down, resulting in better prices for our clients compared to that of our competitors. We also offer traditional methodologies for clients who prefer them. Select the $ icon to start the custom RFP process by emailing us information about your organization!

Our Project-Based Model

Project-based is the traditional consulting model where our teams work on multiple projects with multiple clients simultaneously. You will be well cared for, but work will follow the Scope of Work contract and your organization will be billed upfront for the entire project. You will still get our boutique servicing, but you will not be the sole focus of the team. This is perfect for most projects.

Our Embedded Model

Embedded consulting is one of our innovations. In this model, one of our consultants or project managers will work solely with you. You will get their full attention and the Scope of Work can be much broader. They will work more like one of your employees than a consultant, will use your hardware, will be fully immersed in your culture, and will be embedded in your organization - without the hassle of having to hire them. You will get auto-generated recurring invoices (weekly or bi-weekly) that can be paid on our portal via ACH or card, via your regular payroll vendor, or with a live check. They will be completely dedicated to you and gain a deep understanding of your organization, which makes the work that much more indispensable. Embedded contracts typically require a 6-month minimum due to the nature of being truly embedded.

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