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Employmetrics' methodology for one on one meetings, performance management, and project status meetings follows the Stoplight Session Framework. 

Red Light - Stop or Disagree

For performance management, the Red Light is all about what behavior(s) an employee should curb. Red Light issues should not be severe enough to require a PIP, but are things you want to bring to the employee's attention to work on. Consider how they are perceived, anything that would cause you to rate them lower on a performance metric, tone in emails, etc. - things to stop and think on.

For projects, the Red Light is all about items with disagreement. These are the pieces of the project that need more discussion or debate.

Yellow Light - Continue or Caution

For performance management, the Yellow Light is all about what behavior(s) an employee should continue OR be cautious about. Just like when driving, sometimes you stop at a yellow light and sometimes you know you can continue through before it turns red. That's the same concept here - discuss anything the employee should continue doing or continue with caution to make sure they make it through before the light turns red.

For projects, the Yellow Light is all about identifying hurdles or blockers and then figuring out how to solve those issues together.

Green Light - Start or Agree

For performance management, the Green Light is all about what behavior(s) an employee should consider starting. These could be behaviors to position them for promotion, ways to help them survive if you know a major change or reduction is being considered, or things to make them shine. This is your time to coach and mentor them. Remember, when your employees shine, you do, too.

For projects, Green Light is all about celebrating the wins. Talk about how well they did on their piece of the project. Talk about the ways in which they are contributing to the success of the project or team. If the project is still in the early phases, talk about the topics that everyone has agreed to in order to promote continued alignment. This is the time to end the session on a high note and make your employee feel recognized and appreciated.

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